Ocean Safe Hair & Skincare That Works

Handmade in Hawaii with all natural, sustainable, and fresh ingredients. Our vegan, eco-friendly hair and skin care products are quick and easy to use. Throw them in your surf bag, gym or camping gear.

Vegan. Plastic Free. Ocean Safe.


Explore Post Surf

Inspired by the coral's fluorescence (which they use as protection), this solid face oil protects and strengthens the skin's outer barrier, improving complexion, texture and giving your skin that youthful dewy glow.

Meet Your Skin's New Hero

Coral Glow™ - Solid Face Oil Set

inspired by some of the best waves in the world

Introducing Our New Perfume Oils

Surf Scents - O'ahu Collection

Choose your own adventure. Reef safe conditioner, shampoo bar and healig salve perfect for any climate.

Grab Our Bestselling Originals

Surf Retreat Travel Kit Surf Soap

The Original All-In-One Bar

Our All in One: Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash Bar will leave you feeling refreshed, smelling great and pushing into your daily grind with a post surf happiness that lasts all day. Get an all over clean from head to toe. Scrub off the salt and sand easily with this exfoliating shampoo + body bar. All products are ocean safe, vegan friendly and biodegradable. Why settle for a basic shampoo bar when you can have all in one hair and skin care that is natural and healthy for your hair and the environment?

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Surfer's Bucket List

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Our Story

Created and developed by a hairdresser/surfer, Surf Soap is a solution for an 100% ocean safe all natural products for busy surfers on the go. Surf Soap Co. is a team of surfers who want to surf clean swell and have been working hard to make a cleanser that keeps every head in the ocean happy. Our goal is to provide you with high quality and sustainable hair products for surfers and eco warriors alike.

Happy surfing!

- With love from Hawaii -

Kayla and the team at Surf Soap Co.