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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do I Use Surf Soap All In One?

Remove bar from tin and rub in hands to create a lather. (Remember, this product won't lather as much as normal shampoos). You can also lather it in circles on your scalp. Place bar back in tin and allow to dry on its side. Scrub as normal, and rinse well. Follow with Rehab Balm or a spritz of your favorite oil.


  • What are your delivery times?

Orders made before 3pm HST are typically delivered the same day. Orders made after 3pm HST are delivered the next day. (This schedule may differ on weekends and holidays) We are a small team, and do our best to get your order to you as quickly as possible. 


  • How Long will an All In One Bar Last?

1 bar will last the average surfer, diver, or van-lifer about 30 washes, or the equivalent of 2 bottles of 12oz All-In-One cleanser!


  • Are Surf Soap Products Color Safe?

Yes - all of our products are gentle and formulated to be color safe.


  • Why Doesn't Surf Soap Come in Bright Colors?

We choose not to use synthetic or natural colorants in our bars because from the ground up, our priority is ocean-safety, and most of these colorants haven't been tested or have tested negatively for marine impact. So we choose to use natural colorants like hibiscus that not only color and scent our bars, but improve the strength of your hair.


  • Can I Buy Surf Soap at my local shop?

We would love to be in your local surf shop! Please contact us for more information about selling Surf Soap.  


  • Where Can I Find More Info About Ingredients?

See the ingredients page at the bottom of the home page, or Subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates about news and research related to our ingredient processes.

  • Why Doesn't Rehab Balm come as a bar? 

The ingredients needed to harden conditioner into bars present two problems - most aren't ocean or hair friendly as a conditioning agent. The second problem is that most of them aren't effective. They either leave hair dry, or weighed down. Due to this, we formulated a creamy balm that soaks in and doesn't leave hair feeling gross. We also utilize natural conditioning agents and we don't have to rely on heavy butters or synthetic ingredients. Trust us, your hair will thank you. 

  • Do You Offer Samples?

Currently, we do not offer samples. We will soon be sold in surf shops across the country, but until we find a cost-effective and sustainable solution for everyone, we choose not to offer samples at this time.

  • How Can I Participate in SS Events?

We post events on our Facebook and Instagram pages, head on over to see when the next jam is!

  • How Long Does Shipping Take?

We ship via USPS First Class Mail as this is the most eco friendly way to ship our products. We ship as quickly as possible, typically the same day you order, Mon - Fri 0900-1700 HST.
  • Do You Ship Internationally?

Yes, additional shipping charges may apply.

  • Do You Deliver Locally??

 We do! We offer free delivery of purchases over $30.00 to anywhere on the island of O'ahu. Be sure to include any special parking instructions or your hotel and room number in the notes portion of checkout. 

  • What is RIPLOS?

Come back soon for updated information on our RIPLOS program