Making the switch to natural products can take a bit of getting used to. Don't worry though, we've all been there. Here's how to make sure you get the most out of your Surf Soap®...

Surf Soap® All -In- One

Remove soap from tin. Lather bar by swiping a few times across scalp, or rubbing in between hands. Once you feel the bar lather (remember, it won't lather very much - but it's working!), put it back in the tin and continue scrubbing. Lather in your hands to wash body. 

Once you're all good n' clean, rinse well, continuing to scrub a bit as you rinse. 

Replace soap in tin. We recommend leaving it on its side in the tin once you get home to allow the bar to fully dry. 

All-in-One is highly exfoliating, and yet still gentle enough to use as a daily shampoo/cleanser. It is also safe to use on the groms, formulated with all-natural ingredients and tear-free, just make sure you test a small amount of lather on their skin to ensure their aren't any unique reactions. 

Follow with...

Rehab Balm™

As a Pre-Swim/Surf/Play Balm: Distribute a small amount evenly through hair to provide protection and conditioning while out in the water and sun.

As a Leave-In Conditioner: After cleansing, place a small amount of Rehab Balm in your hand and distribute through ends, and throughout hair if needed. (If you have fine hair, we recommend only concentrating on ends.) Use as a leave-in conditioner if your locks need a bit more love, and rinse well after 3-5 minutes if you have fine or oily hair. Detangle with a wide tooth comb (we've got one for you in our shop). Rehab Balm can also be used to tame flyaways and to add texture to dry hair.  Remember, a little goes a long way!

place Rehab Balm in the fridge for a few hours if it has accidentally been left in temperatures over 90•F, this will thicken it back up.

How To Use Rehab Balm on our Instagram



Better Butter™

Better Butter has been designed as less of a "lip" specific balm, and more of an all over chafe/chap healer of sorts. Apply to lips every hour or so while in the sun, and apply to any areas that rubbed a little too much whenever you need it. We know those feels. 

Note: Our balms and bars have been Hawaii-tested in our surf bag in the car for hours, but please don't leave them in direct sun or extreme heat to avoid meltage... nobody likes meltage.

Muku Milk™

Sold without a sprayer to promote reusing items from our homes. Our universal thread pattern accepts most sprayers from similar sized bottles. Have an old face spray you've recently run out of? Maybe a toner? Take the sprayer from that bottle, and screw it right to your Muku Milk for a sprayable leave in conditioner.

To use, tip the milk right into your palm or spray into hair. Warm it between hands, and distribute throughout mid-shaft and ends of hair. Comb through with your Longboard comb, and allow to air-dry or style as usual. Use Muku Milk daily after cleansing and towel drying. Best for healthy hair or dry fine hair types.

Here's the video we released prior to Muku Milk's launch explaining more about our thoughts behind not including a sprayer, and how to use Muku Milk. 


Surf Scents™ Perfume Oils

Open cap, place wrist on bottle and gently tip onto skin, or use a cotton round to apply to wrist, neck - anywhere you want a little scent. You can also mix a few drops of oil into your favorite lotion or haircare products to add a light scent.

Our bottles are 100% plastic free, and we want to encourage reusing items you may be done with around the house. The thread pattern will take other sprayers, as well as some rollerballs and collars from perfumes you have already finished. 

Coral Glow™

Rub fingertips in circles to warm product onto fingers. Dab product around face and neck. Coral Glow may be used as a standalone moisturizer after cleansing, or apply it following your favorite lotion moisturizer. Please read our How To (linked below) to learn how to incorporate our magical face oil into your skin routine.

You may have noticed already but... Coral Glow isn’t the typical dropper bottle of oil you’ve been seeing on every beauty counter and shelf. Why? For a few reasons.

  1. Plastic. Yes, silicone is plastic. Even if the bottle and dropper are glass, we still have that pesky contender to deal with and we still want to ensure it’s not in there. So we add non-comodegenic, biodegradable ingredients to deliver the luscious oils to you without the use of a silicone dropper.
  2. Surf bags. We’re surfers, travelers, adventurers... and the last thing you need is an unnecessary glass bottle full of oil rattling around in your surf bag. We wanted to make something that you could take with you wherever the water calls. So, we made it solid.