USPS Marked My Package As Delivered, But I Didn't Receive It

  • Please allow 1-2 days after USPS marks your package as delivered for it to show up. 
  • Double check your shipping address before submitting your order, and be sure to include any special instructions for the postal service. 
  • Ask neighbors if they may have received your package by accident. 
  • Please file a lost package report with your local USPS office, and include any documentation they give you in order for us to process and re-send the order if needed.

Surf Soap Co. does not assume any responsibility for lost packages, as once they leave our warehouse they are out of our control. We do not automatically refund or resend lost packages, however, please contact us if you have tried the steps above and still not received your order, and we will do our best to accommodate you - we want to make sure you're happy!

You may also choose to ship using UPS, Fedex or DHL.