Surf Soap Partners With Keep It Simple Honolulu

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Surf Soap Partners With Keep It Simple

(Hawaii, April 2022) – Surf Soap Company has announced its partnership with Keep It Simple, Honolulu’s zero waste store. 

Keep It Simple is a retail establishment that provides high-quality zero waste, eco-friendly, health, kitchen, and beauty products with minimal packaging; for a brighter, cleaner Earth. They stock a variety of unique, eclectic products sourced from local and small businesses.

Their mission? “Our system allows customers to bring their own containers and fill up on products, eliminating the need for plastic packaging.”

Surf Soap Co. boasts hair and skin care products that are locally handmade with organic and sustainable ingredients. Currently, Keep It Simple is stocking Hair Leashes - biodegradable hair ties, All-In-One Shampoo+Conditioner+Body Wash bars, and Muku Milk - a lightweight detangler and conditioner.

Surf Soap Co. is on a mission to keep our surf clean  by providing surfers & water lovers professional hair & skin care products they can trust, whether on the road, at the beach, or in their homes.


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