4 Reasons Why Perfume Oil is the Next Big Thing

Over the past few years, perfume oils have risen as the queen of perfumes for all adventurers and wanderers alike, looking to smell like the very terrain they explore (the good smelling ones at least). And while these little bottles of goodness smell like Mother Earth’s most beautiful scents, they do more than just sit and look pretty – both on the shelf and on your skin.

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What Is a Perfume Oil?

To start, what even if a perfume oil? Well, perfume oils are oils naturally extracted from flowers, woods, spices, and almost every other earthly scent that makes you take a deep breath in and go, “ahhh.” As the name implies, they’re a mix of perfume concentrate and blending oils. By using oil instead of alcohol, the scent becomes longer-lasting and subtle. 

Perfume oils are typically used on the skin or clothes as a substitute for traditional scents and alcohol-based perfumes. It masks body odor and helps one smell nice without having a large personal fragrant status. 

Overall, they provide a more potent, natural scent than mainstream alcohol-based perfumes.


Reason 1) They’re Multipurpose

Perfume oils do more than add an extra flair to your natural scent. They’re just as purposeful off your skin as they are when dabbed on. 

These sweet tubes can be used as a homemade air freshener. If you don’t like pressurized cans, which are bad for the environment, or mass-produced air fresheners – which are also bad for the environment – you can have control over how your home smells by mixing your perfume oil with water. Leaving this out in a bowl or decorative vase/dish will release a desired, natural smell that feels like home. The best proportions for a subtle yet lasting air freshener are a quarter of a teaspoon of perfume oil in a glass of water.

Not only do they make great air fresheners, but they make fabrics smell delightful. Adding perfume oil to your clothes rather than your skin will leave a lasting impression of your desired scent on what you wear. This also eases the stress of having to constantly apply the oil to your skin. In addition, perfume oil can be dabbed on other fabrics such as hand towels, rugs, socks, curtains, and artificial flowers to display in your home. Have a smelly Sandcloud that you just can’t seem to get that beach odor out of? Try dabbing some perfume oil on it!


Looking for a unique way to get the beach stink out of your car? While it may be difficult to get the sand out of your seats, we have a solution for the fishy ocean smell of past surf sessions: perfume oil! To combat the odor from car furniture, try applying perfume to a large cotton ball and placing it under your car seat.


Lastly, there may be an old avocado that had gotten stored in your bag, and now your bag is left with an impentitrable odor – just me? Oh. Well, nevertheless we’ve all had a spill or two in our purses and beach bags, leaving them with a funky smell that’s hard to get rid of. However, putting a few drops of perfume oil in a handkerchief and dropping it into your bag neutralizes this. For wallets, using a cotton bud to apply the perfume oil to a thick strip of cardboard, and placing it in your wallet toward the outermost layer, will rid any smell there too.

Reason 2) The Scent is Unparalleled

Perfume oils are stronger than perfume spray as they have a higher concentration of fragrant contents. Perfume may seem stronger because the higher amount of alcohol rapidly vaporizes giving off a strong smell initially; however, perfume oils remain consistent and last longer without being too intoxicating and potentially offending others. Perfume sprays typically last 1-3 hours whereas perfume oils last 6-15 hours, on average. One could consider the analogy – a perfume spray is when you catch a wave, short and intoxicating, whereas a perfume oil is the paddle out, prolonged and gradual.


The large misconception that perfume spray is stronger comes from the initial effect people get when sampling the fragrance. When the bottle is open, the scent is pungent and if applied in a large quantity, it may give the sampler a headache or stained clothes. And while perfume oil may be the better scent alternative, it’s still important to use it in small amounts or dilute the solution. Diluting the oil can be done by mixing it with neutrally fragrant lotion or water.

Reason 3) Benefits-a-plenty

Perfume oils are packed with benefits that not only give you a signature scent, but protect and treat your skin. 

perfume oils

Regular perfumes have high alcohol content, meaning they strip the body of moisture. If you have itchy skin, it’s best to avoid spray perfumes altogether, they’ll cause further skin irritation. Perfume oils, however, not only go along with your body lotion or moisturizer, but have a tendency to hydrate the skin.

In addition, perfume oils have a clean, rich, true scent with a long shelf life. A stark contrast to the harsh, overbearing, overpowering scents that are packed with fillers. They’re also nonflammable as compared to flammable spray perfumes.

Reason 4) Surf Soap Has Four

Lastly, we carry our own set of perfume oils: Surf Scents - O’ahu Collection! Inspired by some of the best surf breaks in the world, and the very home Surf Soap resides in, our Surf Scents are formulated with a base of jojoba oil and represent the authentic feeling of Oahu. Our first scent is The Mokes, a fresh, herbal citrus fragrance with key notes of pink grapefruit, lavender, and lemon. Our second scent is Queens a floral fragrance with notes of plumeria, rum, and coriander. Our third is Pipeline, a floral fruit/citrus scent with key notes of pineapple, coconut, and orange blossom. Lastly, our fourth scent Makaha, an earthy, woodsy floral fragrance with notes of jasmine, sandalwood, and white tea.

As stated previously, perfume oil is alcohol free, creating a lasting shelf life, whereas perfume spray has a shorter lifespan due to the evaporation of its alcohol content – this means that our perfume oils are sustainable in use as well as container. They will last longer, and cost less waste than the leading perfume spray. And sticking with our reputation of natural benefits, these fragrances pair well with all skin types.

So what are you waiting for? Use up the rest of that perfume spray and start purchasing perfume oils!

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