5 Neighbor Gifts They'll Actually Like



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Anything in a jar!

For one, we love this as

1) you may already have some jars laying around to be repurposed;

2) no need for extra wrapping as glass jars are cute and trendy on their own (bonus points for decorative recipe layering); and

3) jars can be re-repurposed by its new owner!

This low-budget gift idea can turn into a fun activity and tasty treat for your neighbors to cook or prepare a recipe in a jar.



Artwork is often something that people don’t spend money on for themselves. From refrigerator magnets, paintings, small table ornaments and even holiday themed decorations, there are many possibilities for you to either create your own art or support a local artist.



I have yet to hear of someone who has been displeased with being given a plant. You’re likely to know enough about your neighbor to see if they have a green thumb, but in the case you don’t - keep the plant babies small and easily managed. Both succulents and airplants are pretty low maintenance.


Bath Salts and Candles

Help make a DIY spa night a reality for your neighbor! Imagine soaking in a tub with a fresh bath scrub and a smelly good candle to keep the zen during the chaos of the holiday season. These are great gifts because you can find some really neat local candle shops, and many Zero Waste Stores offer refills for bath salts and soaps!


Zero Waste Kit

Utensil kit, beeswax wraps, mesh produce bags, metal straw and straw brush. There are many zero waste gifts that your neighbors may not know they’re missing! When you share your love for these products, your neighbor is bound to love them too.

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