Keep It Simple - Honolulu’s Zero Waste Store

POV: You walk through a turquoise storefront to walls lined with wooden dispensers and tables stocked with gallons of pump bottles. Turkish towels, eco-friendly net bags, and reusable straws are stocked on shelves. Light blue paint lightens the room, with open windows and rustic grey floorboards; “Keep It Simple” is proudly laid in bold, black letters on the back wall.

Sounds like a refill dream, doesn’t it? Well, consider it a dream come true because this is what Keep It Simple is; a quaint shop located in Honolulu, Keep It Simple is a zero-waste refill store for your cosmetic, beauty, and kitchen refill needs. It’s taking the extra steps to not only provide an opportunity for the average person to live out their zero-waste dream but also provide ocean-safe, sustainable beauty care for all adventurers.

Read on to get to know more about this impactful store.

Keeping It Simple In Oahu

Keep it Simple is a retail establishment that provides high-quality Zero Waste, Eco, Health, Kitchen, and Beauty products with minimal packaging to prevent waste on Earth.  

They stock a variety of unique products,  which come from local and small businesses - supporting businesses that try to leave as little of a negative impact on Earth as they can. Their store’s system allows customers to bring their containers and fill up on products, eliminating the need for plastic packaging.  This model is highly valued, not only for a better planet but to save their customers money. The cost of a refill is significantly cheaper than purchasing single-use products in your everyday retail store. With pre-set packaging customers aren’t limited to how much they can buy, replicating the unlimited environment of a single-use retail store without the cost of unnecessary waste. Keep It Simple’s mission is to provide Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Non-Toxic, Reef Safe products to their highly demanded market of Eco-Conscious customers - establishing a large community of eco-warriors. 

They even promote the everyday person trying their best to reduce their impact on the environment, stating, “We do not need a few people practicing zero waste perfectly we need millions of people practicing it imperfectly.”

Why Surf Soap?

Wait a second, there’s another product displayed in this endearing store. Small black tins, narrow canisters, and… hair leashes? Oh, we recognize that product, it’s Surf Soap! What better place to get Surf Soap than one of the best refill stores in Oahu. Keep It Simple now stocks Muku Milk, All-In-One, and Hair Leashes. These products are sure to restore your hair and skin’s every need no matter how crazy the adventure. By stocking Surf Soap, Keep It Simple is taking the steps to help maintain and ultimately restore the optimum health of our oceans. Surf Soap is formulated with vegan, cruelty-free, and ocean-safe ingredients, as well as packaging that can be reused time and time again. 

All-In-One is not your average shampoo bar. Cleansing pineapple, moisturizing hibiscus, and real awapuhi ginger work in tandem to gently clarify hair and skin. Yucca provides a bit of scrub to remove sand, and mango, coconut, and shea butter protect and replenish lost moisture. All organic and sustainably sourced ingredients.

Hair Leashes are better than the average hair ties you may have lost in your car and stashed in your drawers. Made of natural rubber, these biodegradable hair leashes provide slip-proof ponytails, whether in the water or just out and about during the day. While conventional hair ties are made of synthetic rubber and polyester, Hair Leashes are fully biodegradable. They are also made softer and thicker than traditional hair ties, to work hard while you play hard.

Kiss tangled tresses goodbye with Muku Milk. Now stocked in Keep It Simple, Muku Milk is our weightless conditioner that provides shine, detangles, and heals stressed hair. Its high concentration of amino acids provides the building blocks for collagen. Carrot and kale provide moisture and improve hair's barrier function, while jojoba and olive soften and detangle.

All products function for the optimal health of hair while simultaneously remaining waste-free and ocean safe.

So whether you're a local or visiting Waikiki, Oahu, stop by Keep It Simple for every cosmetic, beauty, and kitchen refill need and Surf Soap!

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