Natural Ingredients = Better Results

Natural ingredients have been used in hair and skincare products for centuries, and with good reason. They offer a range of benefits that synthetic ingredients simply cannot match. In this post, we will focus on the benefits of using natural ingredients in hair and skincare, with a particular focus on the awapuhi plant, also known as the Hawaiian shampoo plant, and how it is utilized in Surf Soap products.

Awapuhi, a type of ginger plant, has been used in traditional Hawaiian medicine for centuries. It is known for its ability to soothe and heal the skin, as well as its moisturizing properties. The plant's natural oils and enzymes work together to nourish the skin, making it a great choice for those with dry or sensitive skin.

When it comes to hair care, awapuhi is particularly beneficial. Its moisturizing properties can help to restore moisture to dry, damaged hair, leaving it looking and feeling healthier. Additionally, awapuhi is known for its ability to strengthen hair, helping to prevent breakage and split ends. Overall, it is an excellent choice for those looking to improve the health and appearance of their hair.

Surf Soap is a brand that utilizes the power of awapuhi in its products. Its natural, sulfate-free shampoo contains awapuhi extract, along with other nourishing ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter. Together, these ingredients work to gently cleanse and moisturize the hair, leaving it looking and feeling healthy.

In addition to awapuhi, Surf Soap products contain a range of other natural ingredients that offer a range of benefits. For example, our Rehab Balm conditioner contains coconut milk, which is known for its smoothing and shining properties as well as helping to detangle hair after a sesh in the ocean. Our Better Butter contains raspberry seed oil, which helps to lock in moisture and protect the lips as well as calendula extract to heal scrapes and chapped skin.

Overall, using natural ingredients in hair and skincare products offers a range of benefits. Not only do they provide a more gentle and nourishing experience for the skin and hair, but they also have a lower impact on the environment. Synthetic ingredients can be harsh on the skin and hair, and they can also be harmful to the planet.

At Surf Soap, we believe in the power of natural ingredients. Our products are handmade with care, using only the highest quality natural ingredients, including the powerful awapuhi plant. We believe that by using natural ingredients, we can provide you with a better, more nourishing experience, while also doing our part to protect the planet.

So if you're looking for a hair and skincare brand that cares about your health and the health of the planet, look no further than Surf Soap. Our range of products, including our natural awapuhi shampoo, body creams, and healing salves, are designed to nourish and protect your skin and hair, while also being gentle on the environment.

If you're ready to experience the power of natural ingredients for yourself, we invite you to visit our website at and place an order today. With Surf Soap, you can feel confident in your choice to use natural, eco-friendly hair and skincare products that are good for you and the planet.

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