Out of Surf Soap? Here's 5 Ways To Repurpose Your Tins

5 Ways to Repurpose Our Tins + Bonus Tips on Other Ways To Reuse Your Beach Stuff

Here at Surf Soap we want you to get the most out of the products which means, finding creative ways to use your Surf Soap tins after they've served their purpose.

Until we feel confident in providing refillable options with truly biodegradable packaging, take a look at some of the following ways to repurpose your tins.  


“The environmental impact of reverse shipping creates over 5 billion (you read that right) pounds of landfill waste annually, and results in 5 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.  We ask that you, our customers, use what you have, buy only what you need and ask lots of questions before making a purchase.” - Surf Soap

Before we start - our Recycling & Returns Program!

We are currently working on ways to offer a Return and Recycling program. However, until we can develop a program that is not only environmentally friendly, but cost-effective, we want to offer ways to repurpose your tins in some seriously creative ways. Subscribe to our email list to stay up to date on when our Recycling Program goes live!

With that being said, let's dive in!


Complete your surf bag with a compact First Aid Kit! 

Having a first aid kit in your surf bag, stashed in your glove compartment or trunk of your car may be our most practical idea for repurposing the Surf Soap tins. There are countless ways in which we, as surfers, beach goers, divers and ocean lovers, greet the reef, though we really try to love and appreciate them from afar. Without our reefs, we would be without waves, and not to mention the critical role they play for the health of the planet. Bumps and bruises are inevitable, keeping your scrapes and wounds clean will help get you back in the water faster! 

Personalize your kit with what you need! Here are some basics to get you started: 

  • Band-aids 
  • Antibacterial ointment 
  • Alcohol wipes 
  • Chapstick
  • Tweezers 
  • Peppermint - for when you’re feeling a little seasick

Surfline’s How to Properly Clean and Treat a Reef Cut


Snacks! Quick Energy or Sugar Boost! 

Now hear me out, we tend to run our days busy, multiple jobs, hobbies, commitments, etc. But for the ocean, we always make time, and if there's a stellar summer swell, you better believe you're counting down the minutes until you can grab your board, swim suit or board shorts. Having your Surf Soap tin prepped with a few dry snacks like nuts, granola, dried fruit, or fruit snacks may provide you with a little boost you need to manage the hunger until mealtime. 

If you're like me, or know someone like me, prepping your tin with an "energy gel" - you know, the ones marathoners use mid-marathon, packed with fast-acting carbs and electrolytes - might save someone's life. Surfing with Type 1 Diabetes, means that I take extra precaution in monitoring blood sugar before a session, and always surfing with a buddy. Keeping some fast-acting sugar solutions in my surf bag is a necessity! 


Refill at your local ZeroWaste Store! 

Even if you’re not able to refill your tins with your favorite Surf Soap products - yet - you can still take them to your local ZeroWaste or refill store! Lucky for us, these shops are popping up in communities across the nation. On O‘ahu we’re lucky to have Protea ZeroWaste Store and Keep it Simple Kaimuki

  • Sunscreen
  • Coconut oil
  • Lotion 
  • Toothpaste tabs 
  • After sun - Tip: keep in your fridge for added coolness 

 cotton rounds

Reusable Cotton Rounds 

Your Surf Soap tins are the perfect size to store reusable cotton rounds. We put a lot of stress onto our skin with makeup, sunscreens, salt, and  sunshine. Making time to gently wash and clean off products from the day reduces irritations that can cause breakouts and fast-track early aging. For the most part, skincare is preventative, not corrective. 


Finally, our tins are perfect for keeping your earrings, rings and hair ties safe! These small but personal items tend to roam under couches, the abyss between car seats, or simply disappear into the void.. Just me? 

Have other creative ideas? We’d love to see what creative ways you choose to repurpose your Surf Soap tins! Tag us @Surf_Soap on IG ! 



Old suits laying around that you don’t know what to do with? There’s still life in those, too! Swimsuit straps can be tied into adjustable hair ties that don’t pull or break. Use larger fabric portions to create a scrunchie, larger strips to make a rope to stretch (cause we all could benefit from a little more stretching), or get creative with ways to make art! If your items are still in good standing, and could benefit another through donation, check out this post on where to donate unusual items

DIY Scrunchie tutorial 

Braided Rope (bracelet, hairtie) 

Stretch Stiff Shoulders and Tight Chest - I feel this one..


xx Maria


Written by Maria W. - Staff Writer

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