Proprietary Vs. White Label Hair + Skin Care

Ever wonder why celebs can go from nothing to full makeup brand in about a month? Or why hair products can so easily stay on the same trend..and deliver the same results brand over brand? It's very easy to start a cosmetics company. Many companies in the US and abroad specialize in creating formulations that can be purchased and then branded however a company wants.
White label bottle
This has started to happen within the eco-friendly hair product space. Many shampoo bars are identical or eerily similar, with different scents. This is because hundreds of formulations are available for purchase, either just the recipe or the whole run of products sans labeling.
At Surf Soap, we have started from day one choosing to formulate our own products.
We do this for a few reasons.
  • To ensure that *every single ingredient* we put in our products has been thoroughly researched for ocean safety.
  • We want our bars to perform a certain way, in a certain environment, and you just don't get that when buying a pre-made formulation or product. 
  • We have control over the sourcing, the certifications, and the quality of our ingredients; each one is handpicked and scrutinized thoroughly before it makes its way into a bar or balm. 
Armed with a Cosmetology license, a Bachelor's in Science, and pure grit, Kayla (our founder) set out to make something different. Surf Soap needed to perform in special circumstances (out in the sunshine - and potentially draining in groundwater), and it also needed to nourish hair and skin that is subjected to some harsh elements. This meant that every single recipe out there was either a no-go, or it wouldn't even stand up to the environment we were asking it to work in. 
Surf Soap's formulations are completely proprietary, and unique to the brand's mission and goals. Along with pure ingredients, we knew we had to step away from even the thought of using plastic containers for our products. Some companies are doing an incredible job using recycled plastics, and for us, it just isn't feasible right now. We'd like to contribute less to plastic waste, and encourage our Locals to start getting used to packaging with zero plastic. So for now.. we come in tins and paperboard tubes..whatever is the most sustainable option at the time. 
When choosing your products, we encourage you to think about what's actually inside them, and how they're arriving to your home. Support local and environmentally friendly crafters and cosmetic houses and don't be afraid to ask questions. As always, stay safe out there and we'll see ya on the break.🤙
The Surf Soap Team

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