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As spring begins to unfold, I’m pretty sure I’m not alone when I mention the words “cabin fever”. States, hotels, and restaurants are slowly beginning to open in several places, and warm spring air is beginning to make us all think of getting out a bit more. 

There’s just one problem. 

COVID cabin fever has also taken a bit of a toll on our bodies and minds, and I know I’m for sure not alone in this one. 

So, to challenge that, and to get a bit of a reset, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite wellness companies to help get your body and mind ready for summer. We handpicked them because we believe in their missions, standards and offerings, and we think you should check them out as we get ready to head into summer. 

The Salty Club

The Salty Club is an online business for at home training, yoga, nutrition and empowerment. They have a lot of classes on surf inspired workouts to prepare you for your surf, yoga - for before and after surfing - to help you stay strong, and some nutrition and meal ideas to keep you feeling good, energized, empowered, and ready to surf the waves.

Salty Club Workouts

Their online community and app offer Training, Yoga and meditation classes. Along with that, they provide ways to connect to your body using meditations, varying types of yoga, stretching postures, and a plethora of other amazing classes to suit any style or mood. They focus mainly on ways we as surfers can improve our body and mind - and therefore improve our performance on the board.

Salty Club Workshops

The Salty Club is also filled with healthy, easy-to-follow recipes and nutrition guides, to help you incorporate a more healthy and balanced diet. 

Salty Club Yoga

They have quick breakfast ideas that are jam-packed with nutritious ingredients like chocolate black bean pancakes, and raspberry chia pudding. 

Salty Club Nutrition

Some main course meal recipes that you can enjoy by yourself and or with others they have listed are: coconut wild salmon, beetroot balls, shredded chicken patacones with raisin coleslaw, and butternut squash tacos. 

They also have delicious recipes for snacks, soups, beverages and desserts. The Salty Club also provides a 28 day program to help rewire your eating habits. And guides to help you succeed through the entire process.

The Salty Club is an offshoot of their incredibly successful Salty Souls Experience where they run transformative travel experiences. The Salty Club blends training, yoga, nutrition, and empowerment to work together to create a whole body fitness. Club members can workout anywhere with their newly launched app. 

Beyond Tides Collective

Beyond Tides Collective is a surf and wellness retreat that includes ten days of surfing and personal growth combined with an empowering community of water women and your own self love journey. You choose your retreat they have listed from a list of dreamlike destinations, and hang out with local surf coaches that are there to help you on how to improve your surfing skills or to help you learn if you are just beginning. 

Beyond Tides

One of the founders of Beyond Tides, Kat, is all for the ocean and uplifting people which is now her dominant driving force in life. With experiences she has had in life, Kat came to realize how therapeutic the ocean can be and wanted  to share it. She helps connect surf life and ocean life together with self love. Kat is one of the yoga instructors and holistic coaches.

Surfer Girl Greyscale

The other members of the Beyond Tides crew include Annika and April, who are yoga and meditation teachers based in Bali; and Lotta and Meike, co-founders of the retreat. The amazing team at Liquid Life, a freediving and surf survival center in Bali, are also part of the Collective. 


Headspace is a helpful app that is full of ways to meditate and cultivate wellbeing. There are little easy meditations for any free moment of time you have. Some even help with sleeping and stress. 

Headspace Logo

Headspace started out with a man named Andy Puddicombe in his early twenties. Andy cut his Sports Science degree short to become a Buddhist monk. For over 10 years, his meditation training took him across the world to Nepal, India, Burma, Thailand, Australia and Russia. Eventually, he was ordained at a Tibetan monastery in the Indian Himalayas.

After completing his monastic commitment, Andy returned to the UK with the huge-yet-simple goal of teaching meditation and mindfulness to as many people as possible. To demystify the mystical, Andy set up a meditation consultancy and began working with politicians, athletes (that sports science background finally came in handy), and business leaders.

That’s when Andy met Rich Pierson, who needed help dealing with the stress of the advertising world. Before long, Andy and Rich were skill-swapping meditation for business advice. That’s when Headspace was born.

Headspace was officially launched in 2010 as an events company, but attendees wanted to take what they learned home with them. Andy, Rich, and a small team decided to make Andy’s techniques available online so more people could experience the benefits of meditation anytime, anywhere. And that blossomed into the Headspace you see today: guided meditations, animations, articles and videos, all in the distinct Headspace style.

Headspace has one mission which is to everyone’s health and happiness all over the world. So far they are doing it. They have millions of users in over one hundred and ninety countries. Their headquarters is in Santa Monica, California and they even have some offices in San Francisco and London. Now they provide a series on Netflix to enjoy. 


AloMoves is a worldwide community of instructors and users who are united by love for movement. They connect physical movement, technology, and community into a yoga experience that lets you have fun while staying present and focused. 

Alo Moves

Alo Moves is an online yoga video platform that is both a  website and mobile app. They offer a wide range of yoga series from dedicated instructors, and have an engaged online community to support you in your yoga journey. 

Alo Moves’ series and classes come in a variety of styles such as Vinyasa, Strength, Yin, Flexibility, and more. And they come in a variety of experience levels that are suitable for all yoga backgrounds. The video series can be accessed and completed on your own time, pace, and within the convenience and comfort of your own home.

After you have signed up for a membership, you will be able to have access to their entire video and class library, with over two thousand-five hundred unique workouts to choose from. 

One of the Instructors is Honza Lafond. He is a teacher of movement, wellness, and spirituality. Over the past fifteen years of his life, his experiences have guided him from the Czech Republic - his home country - to his home where he currently resides in Australia. He discovered yoga through his enjoyment of meditation. 

Honza believes that the playful essence of yoga is just as important as its disciplined aspects. His powerful teaching styles were swayed by coaching, fitness training, and several yoga origins, which includes hatha, vinyasa, yin, and acroyoga. He teaches all of his classes with the hope that each of his students will find the ounce of interest they need to be inspired to bring their yoga practice into their daily life, and to stay present, and playful. 


It doesn’t matter if you are new to surfing, getting back into it, or just wanting to clear your head for summer - these small but great businesses and apps to help you. If there are any other apps or businesses you know about or own to share their purpose and passion with us you can email us at hello@surfsoap.com; and remember to follow us on Instagram @surf_Soap for plenty of tips for an eco friendly, balanced way of living. 

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