Better Butter™ - Heal + Protect: 3 Tin Set


"Relief for Lips, Nips, and Any Other Chafe."


Set of 3 (1oz/30ml each).

Better Butter is more than just a lip balm. Utilizing natural protectants like coconut and raspberry seed, this healing balm packs serious benefits.

Benefits: Ultra lush, moisturizing balm stays on in the water and protects that kisser from damage, meanwhile, it heals chapped nips, hips, knees...anything else that could use a little moisture.

Smells like: You’ve stepped into the local island farmer’s market where fresh-cut fruit stands boast pineapple, mango and coconut milk. Our tropical flavors are bright and our coconut soothing. Just like a good day at the beach.

Features: Made for adventurers, this balm is formulated to not melt in your surf bag or car (but please don’t leave it in direct sunlight).

Formulated without: Mineral oils, allergen oils, lanolin, artificial sweeteners or any unnecessary fillers.

1 Better Butter lasts the average user 30 days; and is made a little harder so it won't melt in your beach bag. 

Seeing "Pre-Order"? All of our batches are handmade, and you are loving us so much that the batch has run out. No worries though - batches are made weekly, and pre-orders will go out typically within 2-7 days. Follow us @surf_soap on IG for the most up to date info.

**Why We Ship In Sets of 3: Simple. 1 box mailed with 3 tins uses less resources & emissions than 1 individual tin sent more frequently. Every decision Surf Soap makes is with the environment in mind. **

Better Butter has been designed as less of a "lip" specific balm, and more of an all over chafe & chap healer of sorts.

Apply to lips every hour or so while in the sun, and apply to any areas that rubbed a little too much whenever you need it. We know those feels.


Better Butter has been used for healing scars, blemishes, and as a wholesome alternative to lanolin for our surf mamas with new groms.


Note: Our balms and bars have been Hawaii-tested in our surf bag in the car for hours, but please don't leave them in direct sun or extreme heat to avoid meltage... nobody likes meltage.

no: sulfates, parabens, salates, phthalates, silicones, oxybenzone, octinoxate, 4-methylbenzylidene camphor, plastic, behentrimonium methosulfate, butelyne glycol, dimethicone, panthenol, cocomidopropyl betaine, nut or mineral oils.

yes: biodegradeable, vitamin-packed oils, coconut derived cleansers, raw plant elements, organic & sustainable fragrances, naturally occurring uv protectants, and ocean-safe waxes and butters.

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