Reduce (our impact on the environment)

Integrate (eco-friendly practices into product companies worldwide)

Preserve (our oceans and fragile ecosystems)

Learn (about our impact, and teach our children too)

The RIPL Ocean Safe Signature is the first of its kind. This program is dedicated to supporting toxicity testing and education for all cosmetic and personal use products. 

Ingredients that go down the drain don't always get filtered through our water treatment plants, contributing to the toxicity of our oceans. This results in the depletion of our aquatic wildlife ecosystems which in turn, deplete the efficiency and sustainability of our own ecosystem as it relates to our oceans.

Testing facilities are only starting to recognize the impact of harmful ingredients on our aquatic life systems, and we are at the forefront of creating baselines and testing parameters that ensure the products that go down our drains are as biodegradable and non-toxic as possible.

This is not our ocean. We are merely borrowing it from our groms. 

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