All-In-One Single Bar


The original all-in-one ocean safe surf shampoo & cleanser. 

*NOTE- Single Bars come in BOXES * Tins are available in all sets. Mahalo!

Gentle, yet effective - this little purple bar will remove sand & salt while replacing moisture and hydration in skin and hair.

BenefitsCleansing pineapple, moisturizing hibiscus and real awapuhi ginger work in tandem to gently clarify hair and skin. Yucca provides a bit of scrub to remove sand, and mango, coconut and shea butter protect and replenish lost moisture. All organic and sustainably sourced ingredients.

Smells like: You’ve got a perfect piece of beach all to yourself as you wax up your board surrounded by lemongrass, wild lavender and the shade of coconut trees. 

FeaturesEvery single ingredient serves a purpose, as well as has been vigorously researched and tested to ensure ocean safety while providing excellent results. 1 bar lasts the average user 60 washes (30 shampoos + 30 body washes), and saves at least 3 plastic bottles from hitting the landfill.

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