Better Butter™ - Single Tin (1oz)


Better Butter is more than just a lip balm. Utilizing natural protectants like coconut and raspberry seed, this healing balm packs serious benefits.

BenefitsUltra lush, moisturizing balm stays on in the water and protects that kisser from damage, meanwhile, it heals chapped nips, hips, knees...anything else that could use a little moisture.

Smells like: You’ve stepped into the local island farmer’s market where fresh-cut fruit stands boast pineapple, mango and coconut milk. Our tropical flavors are bright and our coconut soothing. Just like a good day at the beach.

FeaturesMade for adventurers, this balm is formulated to not melt in your surf bag or car (but please don’t leave it in direct sunlight).

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