Surf Soap Now Sold in The ReFill Station New Hampshire {press release}

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Surf Soap Partners With The Refill Station. 

(Portsmouth, New Hampshire, May 2021) – Surf Soap Company has announced its exclusive partnership with The Refill Station located in New Hampshire.

The Refill Station is a low-waste refill shop committed to reducing the world’s plastic footprint by providing sustainable, eco-friendly household products to their community. Their goal is to create a collaborative space where their customers can share their thoughts and learn more about reducing waste to help protect the environment.

The owner of The Refill Station shares on her website that she had the opportunity to go to “paradise,” Hawaii, but spent a lot of her time picking up plastic “beach glass” off its stunning beaches. They wish to prevent the millions of marine animals from dying from plastic waste and are proud to be an exclusive partner with Surf Soap in order to generate more awareness about ocean safety in personal care products.

To support individual initiatives and organizations, locally and globally, in a joint effort towards these goals.

Surf Soap Co. boasts hair and skin care products that are locally handmade with organic and sustainable ingredients. Currently, Down To Earth Kailua is stocking Rehab Balm - Restorative Hair Conditioner, All-In-One Shampoo+Conditioner+Body Wash bars, and Better Butter - Healing Skin Balms in 3 tropical flavors.

Surf Soap Co. is on a mission to keep our surf clean by providing surfers & water lovers professional hair & skin care products they can trust, whether on the road, at the beach, or in their homes.


Surf Soap Company, LLC

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