Surf Soap Now Sold in Endless Summer Surf Shop, MD {press release}

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Surf Soap Partners With Endless Summer Surf Shop

(Ocean City, Maryland, May 2021) – Surf Soap Company has announced its exclusive partnership with Endless Summer Surf Shop located in Maryland.

Endless Summer Surf Shop is an authentic, vintage-inspired, California beach-style surf shop that lies on Ocean City, Maryland’s boardwalk. They’ve had their doors open for 37 years, priding themselves on providing free surf lessons and an array of surf apparel that embodies the surfing spirit, which can be shipped anywhere and everywhere. They’re also proud to be an exclusive partner with Surf Soap to generate more awareness about ocean safety in personal care products.

When you think of surf shops this is the place; Local, independent small business that is all about the love of the culture and community.

Surf Soap Co. boasts hair and skin care products that are locally handmade with organic and sustainable ingredients. Currently, Endless Summer Surf Shop is stocking Rehab Balm - Restorative Hair Conditioner, All-In-One Shampoo+Conditioner+Body Wash bars, and Better Butter - Healing Skin Balms in 3 tropical flavors.

Surf Soap Co. is on a mission to keep our surf clean by providing surfers & water lovers professional hair & skin care products they can trust, whether on the road, at the beach, or in their homes.


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