3 Ways To Live Low-Waste Without Going Crazy

Did you know there is such a thing as “eco-anxiety?”. Simply put - there is so much information out there about how the choices we make are affecting our planet. A lot of this anxiety is inflamed by everything we see on social media - specifically the Zero Waste movement. 

As a busy surfer, mother, and full-time employee, I know the feeling of wanting to do everything right by myself and my family. 

I also know how much of a toll that can take on my mind and body, and I have been searching for ways to balance living sustainably, with just plain living.

Surf Soap was built upon the values of efficiency and balance. And it is that balance that I would like to help you achieve!

Listed here are a few small changes you can make to start the path to a low-waste lifestyle. Why do I say low waste instead of zero waste? In my opinion, zero waste is out of reach for a lot of us. We have busy lives, families, hobbies, jobs. And sometimes when we strive to make big changes - we end up giving up. It’s not sustainable. (No pun intended..) Therefore, I propose that we make small, sustainable changes that we can stick to in the long run. As these changes become habit, we can add more, until we are living as close to a zero waste lifestyle as we want to. 

  • Don’t forget your reusable bags! Keep a stash of 3-4 bags in each car, and make a concerted effort to put them back after emptying your groceries. Purchase reusable produce bags, like THESE (LINK). If your budget won’t allow for it or you forget your produce bags (hello, I’ve totally done that..) save the plastic ones from the store, and group together the produce instead of using one bag per item. The bags will save fairly well, and you won’t be contributing as much to the plastic bag waste in landfills. This also goes without saying, but always have a reusable water bottle handy, and if you’re into it - a coffee mug too!

  • Make personal care swaps. Shop around and find a shampoo and conditioner bar that you love to use. Switch your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo one, like the toothbrush from Bite LINK HERE. Use wooden soap dishes, and switch to bar soap instead of soaps in plastic pump bottles. Swap your plastic loofah for a real loofah or a bamboo bath brush LINKS. Begin to educate yourself on ingredients that you would like to implement into your regimen, as well as research ingredients that aren’t environmentally conscious. Many of these ingredients aren’t really safe for us, either, in some form or fashion. 

  • Buy in bulk, and cook more meals at home. Taking the decision making out of weekly meals will 10x your capability to cook healthy, unprocessed food at home. There are many options for resources on this topic, from free options like Buzzfeed’s 2 Week Clean Eating Challenge and The Balance Lab’s Weekly Free Meal Plans LINKS to paid subscription plans and home food delivery with recipes. Keep glass jars for food storage, such as large pasta and jam jars, and visit your local co-op for bulk items such as grains, flours, nuts, and seeds. Many markets are now implementing even more bulk options, so familiarizing yourself with whole food cooking will allow you to make the most of these options as they become more prevalent. 

Remember, start small, and stay balanced. Keep checking back for more ways to educate yourself on the benefits of low-waste living. 

See you out there!

  • Kayla, SS Founder

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