What sets Surf Soap apart from other shampoo bars?

With so many shampoo bars on the market, it is hard to know which hair care product is the best for you.  After reading this blog I think you'll agree Surf Soap All in One shampoo bar is the best surf shampoo bar for surfers! ...and any eco conscious person looking for healthy hair and an eco friendly alternative.


Silcone & Sulfate Free Shampoo Bars


Sulfate & Silicone Free

Lush has obviously been a trailblazer in the shampoo bar market but did you know even Lush products contain sulfate? In fact, most shampoos contain sulfate (first one in lush shampoo bars) but why is this bad for your hair? Sulfate is the reason shampoo cleans your hair from dirt and grime but also strips your hair and scalp of its natural oils. Mix that with salt water and sun damage and your hair breakage will go from bad to worse. Silicone on the other hand does the opposite effect, coating the hair in order to give that “moisturised” feeling when in fact it gives that weight down, not so sexy surfer look. Essentially, you stripped your hair then filled it back up with chemicals. Didn’t really appeal to us either. As a hair expert, licensed and experienced hairdresser, Kayla has formulated after many years of research, the key natural ingredients that clean your salty mane but also moisturize and restore your sun damaged hair. What else is damaging about sulfates and silicones in hair care? Well for those beach goers, divers, swimmers and surfers showering down on the beach, all those chemicals get washed into the ocean. Not only are the fishys eating those chemicals, but if you’re seafood lover, then so are you!

This is how Surf Soap came to be, after a little critical thinking, investigation and dedication. Although there are tons of shampoo bars on the market, very few are silicone and sulfate free. Surf Soap Co. is proud to be one of those few. 

Ocean Safe & Plastic Free

Clearly we are not shy about expressing how we are vegan friendly, ocean safe and plastic free, but we are so proud to be! This goes along with our products being silicone and sulfate free, we care about hair and the environment. Inspired by surf habits of the dawn patrol, Surf Soap was created to be the solution to a saturated market missing one key thing, to be completely ocean safe! We believe in being the most sustainable product available. Many shampoo bars are plastic free but full of harmful chemicals for the ocean and lakes. Although we don’t recommend washing up directly in the water, the all natural ingredients are far less harmful than regular shampoo and conditioners. On the other hand too many shampoos, conditioners and body washes are with plastic packaging. Replaced often and not always recycled. After witnessing too many bottles left on our beautiful beaches here in Hawaii, we knew there was the best hair and skin care solution for this problem alone. Partnered with RIPL Ocean Safe Signature to ensure our product is really ocean safe not just a marketing tactic and we are on our way to pursuing certification with the esteemed COSMOS organization. We believe in our mission and raising the standards for all brands on the market. Many hair products claim to be all natural but not actually ocean safe. Surf Soap was created mainly for this reason alone!

Fresh All natural hair care products that are ocean safe

Vegan Friendly, Eco Friendly and High Quality All Natural Hair and Skin Care

As surfers, nature is what gives us our greatest pleasure in life. Protecting the environment is key to a more sustainable future so we can continue to enjoy nature’s gifts. Taking care of the ocean, the environment and all of our friends we share the planet with. Self care is key to balance within ourselves and mother earth. With all natural ingredients, our dawn patrol collection is cruelty free and biodegradable, allowing us to feel good washing up knowing we are doing our part but also treating ourselves well. We work hard to do our part, we deserve only the best for ourselves too! Not only are the ingredients natural but they are fresh too! Surf Soap is made in small batches to ensure each shipment is as fresh as possible. Other hair and skin care products do not all share these properties, some produced in large factories or from a massive inventory that sits, losing the benefits of a natural product. While they may provide plastic free packaging but the actual product contains harmful chemicals or cheap ingredients. Surf Soap’s products contain high quality natural ingredients sourced locally as possible, we want the best value for our customers. As they are all natural hair and skin products that are not only vegan friendly and eco friendly but also pet and kid friendly! Tear free so no crying over shampoo bars for anyone on the beach!

Surf Soap is the best shampoo bar for surfers

With all the benefits that set Surf Soap apart, the best thing about Surf Soap, is that it is the best surf shampoo bar for surfers! Surfing is a last minute Oahu wave check away, grabbing your surfboard and leash is the most important thing on our minds (aside from the stoke to grab the best waves of our lives). Surfer hair has been a cult culture and long sot after thing. That sun and salt bleached hair looks fabulous from afar but most surfers feel its dry ends and sun damaged breakage in and out of the water. Bringing along our bulky shampoo and conditioner bottles and body wash is not exactly top priority. Most surf sessions follow the tide and the conditions change at any minute, packing a bag for the surf is a luxury for a surfer. Most surfers are not interested in planning ahead and although usually ‘go with the flow’ surfer vibe is not always the case. Life gets in the way of the waves, work, family, friends and other obligations kinda kill our vibe. Another Surf Soap mission, created for those busy surfers. No other shampoo bar claims to be designed specifically for surfers. 

Surf Soap All in One Original Surf Shampoo Bar

The All in One Original Surf Soap

You can see the reasons why Surf Soap stands out from the rest. Our All in One Shampoo + Conditioner + Body Wash is the fastest wash you can get. Guilt and stress free.  Life is hard but your post surf shower doesn’t have to be. With all the benefits of being ocean safe, vegan friendly, cruelty free and all natural, it is the best surf shampoo bar out there since it was carefully designed to be so! Years of thought, research, development have gone into creating Surf Soap’s All in One shampoo bar so the results are driven to be the best. Make your life and surf routine easier, get a head to toe fresh tropical clean and protect the environment. Your hair, body and ocean will thank you...hopefully with the best set of waves. :)

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