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Gabriela Peregrina. - Digital Storyteller and Creative Consultant.

Gabriela started her blogging journey back in 2012 with a short-lived site that was made to capture her growth in the fashion industry. Fast forward a few years later, and she's at it again - ready to share lifestyle tips, travel insight, updates in the digital world—and her favorite part, the chronicles of outstanding creatives.

When she's not in the workplace or editing her site, you will find her exploring the outdoors, planning my next trip, and hunting down vintage treasures.

Gabriela's hope is that her writing can be a place for YOU to find great life advice, and most importantly: creative inspiration. 

Gabriela Peregrina

Gabriela started a wonderful collaboration effort in 2018, called the "Creative Chronicles", showcasing the lives and stories of women surf entrepreneurs across the globe. As she puts it, her inspiration was to showcase the lives of innovative individuals while hoping to encourage future collaborations amongst fellow artists and entrepreneurs. It was through these channels that she happened upon Surf Soap's story.

Kayla had the chance to sit down with Gabriela and speak with her about Surf Soap's journey from an idea at a beach shower to a fully fledged vegan, ocean safe company that makes surf shampoo, leave-in conditioner formulated specifically for surfers, and other hair and skin balms and products that any eco-conscious person - whether a surfer, van lifer, or otherwise - can get on board with. (Pun intended...). 

Read an excerpt of the interview below...

"5. What’s the number one haircare/skincare question you’ve received from the surfing community and how can Surf Soap help solve that? 


The number one question I’ve received is “What do I use to have healthy hair as someone who is constantly in saltwater, wind, and sun?”. This is the exact question that drew me to creating Surf Soap, because as a hairdresser, I knew a little bit more about how to actually have healthy hair, rather than slick it in silicones, and then it only “looks” healthy. Surf Soap blends new science with old remedies and presents it in a way that is easy to use, easy to travel with, and actually supports hair & skin health from inside the cuticle."

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