5 Dreamy Valentines Vacation Ideas

Let’s face it, it is way past time for a break, and with love in the air… perhaps a dreamy vacation to one of the following places is just what your love life needs.  Interestingly, since Valentine’s Day happens in February, and it is still technically winter, most people aren’t thinking about their vacations.  However, if you would rather skip the hubbub of activity, and simply visit a place in its most genuine setting when the people are more relaxed, and you get to do the activities you signed up for without having to worry about a lot of extra attention, then February is a great time of year to getaway. 

While essential travel has been most of what’s happened in the last 2 years, now is a better time than ever to get out of the house, smell some fresh air, and feel the warmth of a stress-free vacation with the person you love. 


Vacation Idea #1:  Islamorada, FL

The Florida Keys span 125 miles from north to south, with a wide expanse of villages and towns that hug the coast of this gorgeous getaway.  If you are looking for a more laid-back vacation with plenty of ocean fun, then Islamorada, Florida is the destination for you.  While this area has been a favorite for weddings and honeymooners for quite some time, it can also be an amazing choice for a valentine’s getaway.  Feel free to rekindle your love and recharge your passion for one another while relaxing on a backdrop of beautiful, wild nature - or unwind with a glass of wine while you watch a picturesque sunset.  

Islamorada is a collection of 5 of the smaller Keys and is home to some of the best saltwater fishing in the world.  During these winter months, you don’t have to be in the water to have fun, you can simply be on it!  Although, the temperatures in Florida average about 75 degrees during the February months, it really isn’t that cold.  As a matter of fact, since it doesn’t get below about 57 degrees in Florida, the waters here are generally warm year-round.  

If you are feeling a beachie keen vacation coming on with your lover, be sure to check out Islamorada, Florida. 

Vacation Idea #2:  Bar Harbor, ME

Perhaps as a duo, you and your partner are more adventurous, and while you enjoy fine dining and ocean views, you would prefer hiking, campfires, and a nice bed and breakfast.  Look no further than Bar Harbor, Maine.  There is a reason that you remember the phrase, “genuine Maine hospitality” and that is because in these seaside locations, they thrive on it.  In February, the harbor is a peaceful escape, where you can light a fire, and get cozy with your lover next to a beautifully laid fire - or you can layer up and explore the beauty of this landscape without having to worry about it being dominated by spring breakers or summer enthusiasts. 

Bar Harbor is also home to the Acadia National Park, and if you and your partner thrive on hiking and nature, then this is the place to be.  It is open year-round, and still accessible to folks so that they can enjoy the beauty that nature provides. 

Bar Harbor also has amazing eccentric small businesses and romantic restaurants that are open all year.  Your days could be filled with gorgeous views of the harbor, hikes and trails in the park, or skiing and snowshoeing, while your evenings are delightfully warm with candlelit dinners and wonderful wine selections sure to stoke the fire of any relationship.    

Vacation Idea #3:  Eureka Springs, AR

Perhaps you and your love interest are avid thrill-seekers and love the experiences of the paranormal.  Enjoy nightly ghost tours that are chilling, then settle down in a warm cozy spa and relax together.  Eureka Springs is an amazing adventure, no matter the time of year.  If you love mountain biking or would just like a pleasant place to cuddle up and relax, Eureka Springs has got you covered. 

If you and your partner love to spend your afternoons in museums, and your idea of romance is your combined appreciation for the past, the Eureka Springs area is home to 8 museums sure to provide you with amazing stories that you can enjoy preserving together. 

If your idea is to simply enjoy a few evenings ice skating, curling, or even hatchet throwing, this amazing town has you covered.  Known as the Legendary City of Healing, Eureka Springs has just a little of a lot of things that are sure to spice up your romantic getaway, while you enjoy the scenic waterfalls and springs in the area. 

Vacation Idea #4:  Provincetown, MA

Have you ever wanted to visit the edge of the world?  The two-lane highway that goes between Cape Cod and Provincetown which is usually packed in the summer, is woefully empty during this time of the year, which gives lovebirds the perfect opportunity to have an unobstructed view of the amazing beaches in this area… and by the time you get there you’ll feel like you’re standing on the edge of the world, looking out onto the next great journey. 

The population in this area is less than 3,000, allowing for charming small businesses owned by locals who go out of their way to make everyone feel comfortable and accepted.  Provincetown is a LGBTQ mecca, and embraces the beauty of all the unique individuals out there. Perhaps you and your lover are looking for a place to just be you - Provincetown can provide that.  It is a place where artists, writers, hikers, bikers, and bird watchers come not only to get away from it all, but to finally be in a place where they can relax into their idea of what life should be like, and not have to worry about making anyone else happy, because here happiness just is. 

Looking for a place where happiness sinks into you instead of always having to be the one to provide it?  Does your love life need an infusion of relaxation and magnificent views?  Check out Provincetown, MA today.    

Vacation Idea #5:  Pigeon Forge, TN

All of our vacation ideas so far have centered around watery getaways, whether those are warm oceans, park waterfalls, or chilly Seaside adventures… and our last recommendation is no different.  A famous Pigeon Forge landmark, the Old Mill, sitting along the banks of Little Pigeon River, has been powering the old grist mill since the early 1800’s.  Today, it contains cabins, and is essentially its own little city, featuring a restaurant, guided tours, little shops, and amazing amenities all within a short walking distance. 

I don’t know about you, but we prefer vacations where we can plan as we go, change our minds on a whim, and there’s a little something for everyone.  If this describes you and your valentine, then look no further, and forgive us for leaving you till last on the list.  Curl up in your cabin at Pigeon Forge and enjoy the view of some of the richest forestry and gorgeous riverside attractions in the area.  Shop till you drop, pop in to see Dollywood, or go see an amazing dinner show while in Pigeon Forge.  If you would prefer not to hunt for entertainment, and enjoy the scenes of nature more, then feel free to hike in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, where you are sure to see some of the most amazing little hidden waterfalls tucked away amongst the backdrop of the most beautiful trees. 

Last but not least, enjoy the delicious spread that a southern meal is sure to provide, with plenty of comfort foods to fill your belly, sing to your soul, and warm the heart of any pair enjoying their vacation in this area. 

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