Top Zero Waste Tips for 2022

Do you want to make a positive impact? As the years go by, people are becoming increasingly aware of waste and how it pollutes our environment. With only a very small percentage of plastic actually being recycled, it’s time to take action and start living more sustainably! Read on to discover the top zero waste tips which you can follow throughout 2022 and beyond. Let’s make this year our friendliest to the environment so far!

What is zero waste?

Zero waste centers around waste prevention, encouraging the conservation of all our resources. The principles aim to create a circular economy, in which products are reused after their first life cycle, therefore preventing any waste from being sent to landfills. This, in turn, creates less of a threat to our environment.

Reduce your product intake

More often than not, people buy more than they actually need in their weekly food shops. This increases food waste, not to mention an increase of nonbiodegradable packaging being sent to landfill sites. A helpful way to buy only what you need is to make a shopping list throughout the week which will help you keep on track. If you bring home fewer items, not only will you have less waste to deal with, but you’ll also save money. You can also try repurposing your food scraps that would normally be tossed - such as using bread crusts for homemade muffins.

You can also use the technique of reducing by picking out the clutter from your home. Most people have a stash of items that they never use, gathering dust in their neglect. To promote the product’s life cycle, you could donate things you don’t use to your local charity shop. This will give your items a good home, stop them from going to landfills, and you’ll also be helping a good cause.

Reuse items

There are so many harmful items, commonly plastic, which you can swap out for reusable materials in this modern world. Plastic bags? Tissues? Disposable sponges? Why not try cotton tote bags, handkerchiefs, and washable dishcloths? Often, small items like these are incredibly easy to swap out. As well as saving money by reusing regular, everyday products, you can start saving the environment.

Here at Surf Soap, we promote the habit of reusing products through our product packaging. Tins can be used for hair ties, snacks, those oh-so-annoying bobby pins, and much more!

Shop sustainably

As mentioned above, you can start buying reusable products instead of disposable ones, yet you can also pay attention to the packaging you are buying into. Try to go for eco-friendly packaged products, such as those which use cardboard and glass rather than nonbiodegradable plastics. Often, these packaging materials can be easily recycled compared to plastic, which will help them continue their life cycle.

Furthermore, shopping second-hand has a positive impact on the environment as you are not increasing the customer demand for production. Local shopping is also preferred. While some products are shipped miles and miles, taking up energy and resources, locally produced goods don’t have to go through this process, making them better for the environment. They also promote the upbringing of community - supporting each other and building relationships to promote healthier lifestyles.

We promote this healthier lifestyle down to the very packing peanuts that keep our products in place. From the way we group our products for purchase, to the packaging and the journey they take to your doorstep, we build a foundation of sustainability into our shop. Even our team consists of Hawaii residents with a mission to spotlight our community.


Hopefully, you will now have more of an idea about how you can start preventing waste in 2022! Keep an eye on your purchases and be aware of how you can put your used products back into the circular economy this year!

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