How To Have A More Sustainable Year

The act of living more sustainably is probably more important than you first may think. While swapping out old actions for new ones might not seem like a big deal, things like recycling and reusing items can go a long way in reducing the polluting impact we have on our planet.

So, what is a sustainable lifestyle?

Firstly, it might be worth pointing out what a sustainable lifestyle is for you to understand how you can have a more sustainable year. This is a lifestyle in which you actively reduce the number of resources that you utilize to help protect the planet. This means that you will reduce your negative impact on our Earth and environment, while additionally attempting to replace the limited resources that are repeatedly used.

To find out how you can have a more sustainable year, read on for some simple tips.

Start utilizing renewable energy

If you can, try swapping out non-renewable energy for an eco-friendlier alternative. Renewable energy is an efficient way to power your house. This will reduce the emitted carbon emissions. For example, installing solar panels ensures that the sun's energy is used rather than taking up polluting resources such as coal, gas, or oil. While pricy, the investment is well worth the price the environment currently pays! You could even go further and swap out your petrol-fuelled car with an electric alternative.

Start saving your water

Using up less water is probably one of the simplest ways to help our environment. Even doing little actions like turning off taps when you’re brushing your teeth, making sure the dishwasher is fully loaded before running it, or installing a water-saving showerhead can help preserve one of Earth’s most invaluable resources. Furthermore, installing a water meter could encourage you to start saving water as it sometimes makes homeowners aware of how much money they are spending on it.

Start using eco-friendlier products

Recycling products is one of the most popular ways to start living more sustainably. Try to avoid single-use products since these often end up in landfill sites, creating harm to our environment. While charity shops are a great way to donate or buy items to extend their life cycles, growing your own food is also an option. These days, there are so many plastic alternatives that you can use this year. For example, more and more people are starting to use a ‘bag for life’ when shopping, swapping out non-biodegradable plastic bags for others including cotton tote bags. Furthermore, certain companies have started to opt for eco-friendly cleaning products which don’t include harsh, polluting chemicals.

Unsure of which products to start with? Try Surf Soap, an eco-friendly, sustainable, vegan alternative for your average plastic-bottled personal care products. Down to our shipping and packaging, we provide an easy way to swap those not-so-nice generic products that weigh down your chance for healthy hair and skin, as well as healthy oceans.

Start avoiding meat

While this one may be tricky for some people, avoiding meat can be a great way to start living more sustainably this year since meat production is one of the largest contributors to the pollution of waterways and landscapes as well as climate change. By making a change to your diet, you can help decrease the impact that this powerful industry has.

By simply lowering your intake of meat from fish to farm animals, you can make a big difference for our environment.

Hopefully, you can take on sustainable changes this year with the help of these ideas, or even gain inspiration from them. Remember: little changes can create big differences!

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