Self Care: Benefits of paying more for your Hair and Skin Care Products

In a world where the cost of living increases daily, why would you want to pay more for anything? There are benefits and value behind higher prices, below are some reasons why paying a little more for hair and skin care products are to your advantage. 

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Your body and health is your most important investment

The skin your in. Health is the new wealth. You have nothing without health. All of these ring true and more obvious than ever during a global health pandemic.  So why would you sacrifice your health for a few dollars? Seems obvious but too often we sacrifice our overall well being to save a few bucks. We replace healthier choices with processed chemicals and artificial ingredients for a lower price. I mean really think about it. You have one body, it ages. Yes, you can get surgery, takes vitamins, supplements, medications to help heal and improve the look of your body. Buy why? Recently, trust has been lost in the information given to us by governments, media and otherwise. As humans, we are capable of human error. At one time plastic was the greatest thing to happen to mankind, now it's destroying our environment. So how can we be sure the ingredients (by scientific names) to be safe for us? Would you really want to replace chemicals in place of fresh healthy ingredients

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Keep it simple.

To keep a healthy body, organs and otherwise functioning properly we eat healthy, fresh ingredients, wouldn't you want the same for your skin and hair?

For instance, you can buy a watered down, chemically produced shampoo (in a nice big plastic bottle) for $8.99 hell maybe even is cheap as $2.99. And think about that price. At some point there has been a sacrifice on the quality of that product. After the cost of packaging, transport, marketing, labour and all other business much actually went into the ingredients??? There is a reason why quality costs more. Your body cannot be replaced like an old t-shirt.

The money you save on hair and skin care products is the money you will spend more in the long run repairing damaged hair and skin or otherwise.

Self love and self care is about investing in your most important aspect in your! 

Supporting the local economy and small businesses

One of the main reasons you can get a lower price is due to outsourcing. Outsourcing allows businesses to take advantage of developing countries and cheaper labour. And fair enough it allows you to afford a lower price. But look around, covid has affected the economy so harshly and all that outsourcing has those desperately needed jobs outside of the country. Why not support the local economy as much as possible. Sure, outsourcing can be left for some needed items, to keep prices competitive. But by paying a slightly higher price for items allows businesses to pay reasonable wages, practice ethical business practices and provide customers with the best quality possible. Aside from those benefits, it also stimulates the local economy, putting money back into other local businesses. Paying a slightly higher price also helps small businesses. In an over saturated market it is hard for small businesses to compete with big businesses who mass produce and have the history and money and power to provide those incredibly low prices. Thus creating certain companies to become monopolies in the market. This kills your freedom of choice and also voice in what your products contain. By supporting a local business you support the local economy which then supports you...should we mention self love again? 

Higher Quality Hair and Skin Care Products

By paying a higher price allows for the products to stay high quality, through the ingredients used, but also monitoring the products production. If a business is cutting the price so low it will need to produce more products in order to save money and profit margins. More is less. More products costs less money. But with more products produced means the shelf life will need to be longer, thus chemicals needed to preserve the product... more filler to cut the costs and faster production to sell more products to keep low prices. A long cycle of lowering hair product value and quality along the way. A higher price should mean higher quality. Check the ingredients in your hair and skin products. By paying a higher price it allows for better quality ingredients. Purchasing hair products from a smaller hair and skin care company, you can trust there is greater attention to each product that goes out. Ingredients, formulation and quality control is monitored closely by the owners of small businesses thus care and extra attention is placed there. An employee has less invested in the attention to quality of a product versus the owner. Shopping small means a more personal experience. Not only that but complaints, concerns and questions are given straight the the owner or manager in charge thus improvement is made rapidly and ensured by the owner themselves. 

Surf Soap’s dedication to high quality and fresh ingredients

Surf Soap is owned and operated by surfer mama Kayla, an experienced and certified hairdresser. She understands hair, hair products, their ingredients and what benefits the health and care of natural hair. She has researched and tested years to achieve the best quality results of her hair and skin products. Not only that, she cares about every order that comes to Surf Soap, from production to delivery and customer satisfaction. She reads the reviews, follows up directly with each client to ensure they are happy with the hair products she sells. She also ensures production is reflective of orders so only the freshest products are delivered to her Surf Soap Locals. She also works to improve her products to the best they can possibly be as well what next products would be useful to her clients. Read the ingredients for all of Surf Soap's Products here.

At Surf Soap, we understand the price is sightly higher against our competitor pricing. Whether you buy from the salon or drugstore hair and skin care products, we believe Surf Soap has the true value you are looking for in a quality hair and skin care collection.  We stand behind the quality, our mission and providing you with ultimate customer satisfaction. We believe you will find the true value behind our product pricing. 

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