Surf Soap's Feature Product of the Month December : Better Butter

For the Northern Hemisphere, winter is here. Our cold water surfers out there know more than anyone the agony of winter skin. Dry chapped lips, cracked knuckles, leading to painful and unattractive skin lesions. And now with COVID there isn't much escape to the warmer waters this winter so what's a surfer to do?

That question brings us to Surf Soap's December Featured Product of the Month:

Better Butter - Heal & Protect 3 Tin Set

Better Butter is more than just a lip balm. Utilizing natural protective ingredients like coconut and raspberry seed, this healing balm packs serious benefits. Ultra lush, moisturizing balm stays on in the water and protects that kisser from damage, meanwhile, it heals chapped nips, hips, knees...anything else that could use a little moisture. Choose from coconut, pineapple, and mango flavors. 

Dry chapped skin relief better butter by surf soap

Get Relief for Surf Chafe.

As surfers not only are our lips exposed to the elements, surf chafe is a reality for many surfers, warm water and cold water. Whether it's the inner thigh, or a misfitting wetsuit, surf chafe sucks. While you can't always stop the chafe, you can find relief. Surf Soap's Better Butter is formulated specifically for surf chafing and dry skin relief. 

dry chapped lips cold water surfer relief Surf Soap

Naturally Heal Chapped Lips and Skin Fast

With vitamin-packed oils, natural protectants and raw plant extracts, Better Butter not only naturally heals your dry chapped skin and lips but also restores the strength of your skin and lips to maintain healthy and resilient skin. Most lip balms are filled with chemicals, jelly or oils that only temporarily relieve chapped lips, some containing alcohol, which actually dries out your skin and lips. 

Coconut on the beach in Hawaii Natural Ingredients Surf Soap

Ocean Safe, Vegan, and Biodegradable

Better Butter is biodegradable, using organic & sustainable fragrances, naturally occurring UV protectants, and ocean-safe waxes and butters. Better Butter also contains no sulfates, parabens, salates, phthalates, silicones, plastic, or other confusing chemicals a regular consumer doesn't understand. Formulated using natural sustainable sourced ingredients and made ethically in Hawaii. Check our ingredients and compare with an understanding of what's in your hair and skin products.

Cold Water Surfer Dry Chapped Skin Relief Surf Soap Hawaii

Perfect for the Cold Water Surfers

Cold water surfers are the most determined kind of surfers. Braving through even frozen waters, ice cold air temperatures out of the water and wet to freezing hair (Rehab Balm anyone?). But not only surfers but all cold winter dwellers understand the annoying suffering of chapped skin during those colder months. Constant temperature changes from windy or dry cold air outdoors to dry heat indoors.

1 Better Butter lasts the average user 30 days; and is made a little harder so it won't melt in your beach bag. Designed for sitting in hot cars to avoid melting, and maximizing the value of your Better Butter. Which is also perfect for getting left near the heater in your car...which is blasting post surf in those colder regions. 

*Spoiler Alert* A cold water version is coming your way soon...

Hawaiian Tropic Natural ingredients lip balm Surf Soap Pineapple on the beach

Get the tropical taste and smell of Hawaii at your doorstep

Want to taste and smell the beach everyday? Get that tropical vibe in those brutal winter waves and cold. Made in Hawaii with local natural ingredients sustainably sourced and delivering not only relief for dry chapped skin but also the scents of Hawaii to you, wherever that may be. Better Butter is offered in a variety of flavours including Coconut, Mango and Pineapple. Our subscription and online ordering make it easy to get you a taste of Hawaii in no time. Our flat rate shipping allow any US resident a great value for a luxury skin care product. Already ordering your All in One or Travel Kit? Add a few add ons of Better Butter to stock up for any winter surf trips. 

Better Butter is sold in a set of 3 

Never run short or get stuck without dry skin relief. Anyone who suffers from eczema or flaky dry skin knows the dangers of leaving it untreated. Many people are guilty of picking or the dry skin turning into cracked and painful skin lesions that can result in skin infections. Our subscription based program offers you the security of always having your natural skin care on hand. Also, it is our mission at Surf Soap for a more sustainable and eco-friendly future. We reduce emissions by shipping in sets of 3 rather than one at a time. Not only that you get to try all 3 flavours! Mango, Pineapple and Coconut!

Looking for holiday gifts for the surfer in your life, check out our holiday gift idea blog and add on some Better Butter to your Holiday Shopping!


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