Surf Soap’s Feature Product of the Month : Rehab Balm : Restorative Hair Conditioner

What makes our restorative Rehab Balm Hair Conditioner so amazing? Besides bringing you straight to the beach with its Coconut Lime Scent, our Rehab Balm is made for surfers by surfers. 

How does that benefit you? We know the struggles of dry and sun damaged hair. That tangled, dreaded and gnarly knotted look after a messy surf session. The split ends, the fizzy post surf look, the breakage, the lack of luster and overall unhealthy feeling when you run your hands through your hair.

Surfer hair care - Best Hair Conditioner for Dry Damaged Hair

Fast Benefits of Surf Soap’s Rehab Balm

  • Smells awesome, like the beach 
  • Repairs dry and damaged hair
  • Formulated by a certified hair expert
  • Nourishes hair for lasting healthy results
  • All natural and fresh ingredients
  • Silicone Free
  • Sulfate Free
  • Ocean & Reef Safe 
  • Travel Friendly
  • Designed specifically for surfers
  • Great for anyone looking for a natural solution for healthy shiny hair. 

Surfer hair care protection - surf soap rehab balm restorative hair conditioner

Protect your hair before entering the water

Too many long haired surfers complain about the dreaded mess (literally) they face after a good surf session. Do you braid it, tie it back, leave it loose, tuck it in your wetsuit? The last thing you want to focus on when you are in the water is your hair. Surfing is about catching the wave and feelin’ the stoke. So what’s our solution to preventing tangled and damaged hair? Comb through our rehab balm through your locks and tie it back before hitting the waves. Moisturize while you surf and get that dreamy post surf beach hair.

Repair Dry Damaged Hair - Restorative Hair Conditioner - Surf Soap Rehab Balm

Repair Dry & Damaged Hair

Any beachgoer knows the damages of too much salt and sun on your hair and skin. That’s why Surf Soap created something to help restore the damages so you can keep your surf game at the next level. Repair those sun bleached ends for full on hair envy on the beach. The natural and fresh ingredients include nourishing coconut milk and cupuacu butter. Aloe and marshmallow promote hair growth and healing, while the mango and quinoa provide protection and strengthen your hair. Not only are you repairing your hair but also promoting healthier hair regardless of your surf status. 

beach surfer girl hair care products made in hawaii Surf Soap Rehab Balm Hair Conditioner

Designed specifically for Surfers

No surfer is static. Chasing waves requires a little movement and patience. Some days may turn into all day events at the beach or a ride and dash quickie before work. Whatever your surf style, post surf showers are usually a must at some point. Stay salty but please have some personal hygiene...Which is why Surf Soap created its Original Dawn Patrol Collection. A surfer’s solution to fast and easy post surf hair and skin care. Our All in One is the fastest way to clean hair and skin, and our Better Butter is our heal and protect skin care but our Rehab Balm is the ultimate fast hair repair post surf style. Years of research and development by a certified hair expert went into creating this rehab balm. And it has been tested and surfer approved around the world. 

Travel Friendly, Ocean Safe and Easy to Use

Skip the messy coconut oil or bulky plastic bottles. Our packaging keeps your surf gear, hands and anything else around free of messy oils, super light and small enough to pack with your surf wax or kit. We agree with the benefits of coconut oil but this is one on ingredient that helps moisturize your hair, our rehab balm contains coconut milk among other strengthening and boosting ingredients like aloe, mango and cupuacu butter. We understand the price point is higher than a bottle of coconut oil but we also save you the energy and time of dragging messy oil with you to the beach with only the best and highest quality ingredients. The price is more than reasonable when you compare to drugstore products full of chemicals and plastic, and it is a higher level from the cheaper homemade shampoo bars and conditioners. 

Made for Everyday Use and Surf Trips

Not just for surf trips but our Rehab Balm is hair conditioner made for everyday use so save buying multiple products for one main purpose, healthy hair. Keep it simple. All of our products are created specifically for everyday use along with your post surf routine, a quick and easy solution to on the go hair and skin care that are also ocean and reef safe. And our packaging was chosen specifically to keep things easy. Take it easy and grab one of our travel kits to throw in on your next surf trip. Read more about what sets Surf Soap apart from other hair brands. 

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