The Ultimate Surfer Gift Guide 2020

This year has been one for the record books hasn't it? As we roll our way into the holiday season, it's easy to get enveloped in the negativity and depression that seems to be hanging around. 

Now more than ever, we need the holiday spirit - as early as possible in our opinion! And that means ramping up the season of giving with thoughtful, well-produced gifts chosen for the people you miss the most. We are all craving connection, why not window shop our handpicked gifts and brands and find something perfect for the eco-conscious surfer, van-lifer, or nomad in your life. 

We've rounded up this year's best gifts for any adventure-seeker, and you can rest assured that each pick is sustainable, eco-friendly, conscious, and supports small businesses. What else would you add? Leave your suggestions in the comments. 

Surf Soap Cleanser, Leave-in, and Skin Healers

Of course this is on our list...We are Surf Soap Co. after all.

Why is your surfer going to love it? 

  • Ocean and Reef Safe
  • Silicone, Sulfate and plastic free
  • High Quality Fresh and Natural ingredients
  • Smells Amazing!
  • Protects and nourishes dry hair and skin
  • Handmade, local and sustainability sourced
  • Fast and Easy solution to post surf washing
  • Repairs salt and sun damaged hair
  • Made in the surfing mecca, Hawaii!
  • Hair Expert and Surfer Approved

Rehab Balm

Our rehab balm is what your surfer’s hair is thirsty for. Repair salt and sun damaged hair for the healthy (and dreamy) beach hair portrayed in the movies. They can use pre or post surf to protect and restore their hair with all natural and ocean safe ingredients that smell fantastic! Our restorative hair conditioning balm gives the nourishing and protection for healthy strong hair. 

Travel Kit: 

Our travel kit is also perfect for your wave chaser as it is easy to pack along for the road and stay clean. Maybe your surfer is a vanlifer too. Ideal space saving yet long lasting hair and skin care for those with tight quarters or minimalist lifestyle. Not only that your surfer will get to try all of our products and enjoy a Surf Soap sustainable wide tooth bamboo comb to prevent any dreadlocking on the road. 

All in One:

And finally, the original All in One is the ultimate post surf shower addition. Smelling fantastic and offering all over clean for the size of a hockey puck! Our tins make it easy to take along for a quick grab, shower and go. Perfect for the dawn patrols on a tight schedule or the low maintenance surfer who needs a good clean, smell great but minimal hassle. 

Feel good knowing all of our products are ocean and reef safe, plastic free, sustainably sourced so not only are you getting a high quality gift for your surfer, you are helping a small local business and help to fight against climate change with environmentally friendly products. 

Check out our Original Dawn Patrol Collection and Surf Soap Shop here. 

Reef-Safe Sunscreen 

Here's our top 3 picks for the best Surfer approved, reef and ocean safe sunscreens:

1. Ultimate Surfer Sunscreen - Mama Kuleana

sustainable ocean safe sunscreen
Surfers are in the water and sun for hours, and besides the surfing risks, sun damage is another big risk. Having sunscreen or zinc on hand is essential for every surfer. And now with new science demonstrating the damaging effects of sunscreen on our oceans, it is one more thing to consider when buying. What do we suggest? Check out Mama Kuleana Sunscreen. Not only is their sunscreen ocean, reef safe and toxic free - their packaging is 100% biodegradable! Leave no trace with high quality sunscreen. They are transparent about their natural and sweet smelling ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, raspberry oil, vitamin E and more. All great for healthy skin. Another sustainable Hawaiian surf friendly brand setting a new standard for natural and environmentally friendly products. They are a member of Maui Nui Marine Resource Council and The Safe Sunscreen Council.  We highly recommend Mama Kuleana, click here to start shopping. 

Runner Ups:

2. Surf Durt

    SurfDurt is an all adventure sunscreen made from 11 food grade ingredients so     it's safe for your skin and our oceans.

3. Raw Elements

 Brian, the founder, had a goal to develop a natural sunscreen that could keep     up with the active person and develop a brand that could connect with many     different types of people.


Surfboard Wax

1. Ultimate Sustainable Surf Wax - Green Grip

Green Grip Surf Wax on Surf Soap CO Blog

It’s not just the organic surf wax itself made with the environment in mind, the packaging is too. It would have been ridiculous and counter-productive to package it in anything else other than the recycled brown paper, finished with natural twine and brown kraft paper swing tags. All these materials are compostable, recyclable and biodegradable.

Runners Up:

2. Get A Grip Surf Wax

3. Hawai'i Made Surf Wax

Surfboard Bags

1. Sagebrush Board Bags

Sagebrush Board Bag

Unimpressed with plain polyester surfboard socks (the protective sleeves surfers use to protect their boards from knicks, dings and UV light while being ported from place to place), Ehrgott used her basic sewing skills to fashion a protective surfboard bag out of burlap and patterned fabric. When the Topanga native, 28, posted a picture on Facebook, many of her friends wanted one, and Sagebrush Board Bags was born in 2013.

Runners Up:

2. Surfwalker Co

3. Rareform Bags


Eco-Friendly Towels + Surf Ponchos

1. The Seea Changing Cape

Changing Cape

Sure you could just use a towel but why struggle? The newest version of our lightweight fleece changing cape makes changing in and out of your wetsuit a breeze! The loose and drapey fit gives plenty of room to move while providing privacy. Concealed armholes let you peek your arms in and out easily. 

Runners Up:

2. DryRobe

3. Slowtide

4. Check out this article on Eco Cult for their ultimate Eco-friendly beach towel lineup.

Surfy, Salty Smell Goods

Smell like surfing all day long - in the car, van, or just in their rooms; these easy, budget friendly picks are sure to brighten their holiday. 

- Mr. Zog's Sexwax Air Freshner

Sex Wax Air Freshner

- Surf's Up Candle

Surf Candle

- Kitchen Witch Natural Deodorant

natural deoderant

Don't Forget The Post Surf Snacks!

Build a fun gift basket with our best snack picks - add in a wax and a car freshner and you'll be the best gift giver ever this year!

Kona Coffee

True Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts

Craft Beer Gift Box

Other Little Ideas...

- Recycled eco-friendly surf leash

- Sore muscle balm

- Ear Protectors

- Surfboard tool

- Hydroflask

- Aloha Collection Splashproof bag

Aloha Pouch

Can you recommend anything else? Let us know in the comments below!

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