Mo’ Scrubs ! Chill Out this December with some DIY Bath Scrubs

Revising TLC’s No Scrubs to Mo’ Scrubs! Why the DIY bath scrub will save your skin and heal your soul this winter. 

Winter chills or holiday stress leaving you tense? Me too. 

Winter is coming. And that means shortened daylight hours, colder- if not freezing – temperatures (and yes! It does get colder and rainier here in Hawai‘i! Hau ‘oli Lono i ka makahiki!)

Just thinking about the cold has me hunched over and with shoulders shrugged up to my ears. Dry skin, chapped everything and holiday madness all contribute to stress manifesting within our bodies in some form. Gently release your shoulders, unclench your jaw,  and warm your toes with a relaxing bubble bath. These DIY bath scrubs are a perfect pair to tackle winter dry skin! Exfoliation Tip! Exfoliating helps your skin absorb moisturizer better! Our Aloe Cream is made to heal and hydrate! Maria’s personal fav is the Tangerine Vanilla* 

Sugar Scrubs 

Gently exfoliate dead skin away with one of these DIY sugar scrubs. 

Whipped Peppermint Sugar Scrub

Image: Whipped Peppermint Sugar Scrub 


Repurposed Scrubs 

Coffee lovers this one’s for you! Use your grounds to create your own double purposed stimulating and exfoliating scrub that’ll leave you smelling divine. Check out a recipe with coconut oil here

Tip! be gentle with your face!  A variety of factors play into exfoliation, but generally speaking, coarse grounds will be more rough whereas finely ground coffee may be more gentle. 

Scrub Benefits

Beyond the benefits of self-care, body scrubs have additional benefits. We covered exfoliation to remove dead skin, but did you know that exfoliation can help unclog pores and prevent ingrown hairs? Keep in mind that scrubs are not recommended for your everyday regime. 

DIYing your own scrub is not only cost effective, but also guarantees that your scrub is safe for you and the environment. Plenty of drug store scrubs contain microplastics - disguised as “beads”or “microbeads” as their exfoliating agent. Until  mandatory regulations ban these products from production, take a look at this article outlining a serious question: “How do I know if microbeads are in my products?

Addicted to the scrub life? Here are 30 [more] Best Homemade Body Scrubs ! Why yes, these would be a great holiday gift idea! 

And yes, I just want a scrub

A scrub is a gift that I can give from me to you 

Hanging out in the passenger side of my best friend's ride

Trying to holler at me

Or something like that - xx



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