Surfer's Bucket List

I spent some time reflecting on what I envision my own Surf Bucket List to be, and happy to report that I’m making some progress checking off some boxes! Take a look at this compiled Surf Bucket List and maybe it’ll inspire you to get started working on your own! 

Surf Spots 

There are plenty of “best places to surf” articles out there like this one on “20 Top Surf Destinations for Your Next Surf Trip” which has info describing breaks, best time to visit and potential ranges of experience (always best to do your own thorough research). Here are some variables to get you thinking about which breaks or kinds of breaks you’d like to add to your own bucket list.

  • Boat Trip (Indo dreaming
  • Continent based - surfing across the world?!  
  • River surf because why not?
  • Cold water surf: Ice. Beard. Surfers - look them up 
  • Dawn patrol – surf till sunset 


Photo: The Essential Guide to Alaska's Surf

Surf Style 

Style is personal to you. I think that the best surfers are the ones that are having the most fun, trying new things and making mistakes along the way. Depending on your style some of these items may be worth adding into your own Bucket List. 

  • Perfect the cross step 
  • Switch stance 
  • Hang-five – hang-ten 
  • Get. Barreled (mayyybe someday)
  • Work on backside 
  • Perfect a maneuver - snaps, hacks, carves, airs 
  • Try tow -in 
  • Tandem / buddy - My buddy might be my dog :) 

Surf Equipment 

Becoming more familiar with a variety of equipment has helped me become a better surfer. Have fun trying new things, or creating a mini GoPro film. No be shame on camera in the lineup  - when surfing is where you spend most of your time, don’t be embarrassed to want to document it! 

  • Try a twin
  • Change up your fin set up
  • Shape your own board 
  • Make a mini movie - GoPro shots 
  • Surf photo shoot 

Photo: How to Build Your Surfboard Quiver

Surf Inspirations

Nothing like sitting on a beach lit up by the electricity of a surfer scoring a perfect 10. Getting to see the best perform in real time is insane. I love watching the pros surf back into the beach - usually through a lineup of groms on the inside who are stoked to see their heroes so close. 

  • Meet a pro 
  • Watch a WSL event
  • Join a group retreat  - meet rad people !

Overall, Surfing Saves Lives! Surfing can be many things, and what’s great about the lifestyle is that it is in a constant state of change - ramping up or shifting down  – whether that is new equipment, new boundaries being tested, there is always something fit for you.  May the remainder of your 2021 be kind to you, and let’s get it in 2022! Shoots!! 



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